digital agnostic with an analog soul focused on solving human challenges with empathy, process, and care.

I'm Erik Anderson, a New York-based product designer focused on inclusive design and community-driven projects. With a passion for accessibility and inclusion, I collaborate closely with communities to create thoughtful and innovative solutions.My cross-disciplinary background as a designer, technologist, artist, and audio/video producer uniquely informs my work. I blend technology with creativity, infusing projects with innovative design and visual storytelling. I strive to create impactful and inclusive experiences that resonate with users on a deeper level.

Studying in the BFA program at Parsons School of Design with a focus in creative technology has been transformative for me. Through hands-on projects and access to cutting-edge resources, I've honed my skills in merging art, design, and technology to create impactful solutions. This cross-disciplinary approach has enabled me to tackle complex challenges with innovation and empathy, empowering me to push boundaries and make a meaningful difference in the world through design.

Let's collaborate on creative, inclusive, and accessible projects that make a positive impact. Together, we can leverage our diverse perspectives and expertise to design solutions that empower and resonate with all users.

E: Itserikanderson@gmail.com
T: 571.212.6751