The Flourish project is a pioneering product designed to facilitate mind-body connection, relaxation, and the cultivation of positive emotions through movement-based experiences. By integrating physical activity with immersive, interactive elements, Flourish encourages users to engage in exercises that promote relaxation and emotional well-being. The project leverages principles from mindfulness and bio-experiential design to create a holistic experience that enhances mental and physical health. Through guided movements and engaging activities, users can achieve a deeper sense of relaxation and emotional balance, making Flourish a valuable tool for those seeking to improve their overall well-being.


The product design process for Flourish was an iterative journey focused on enhancing user engagement and overall experience. Initially, we developed prototypes of the menu and navigation systems, aiming to create an intuitive and seamless interface. Early designs were tested with users to gather feedback on usability and overall satisfaction.

We incorporated user suggestions to refine the navigation, ensuring it was easy to use while maintaining a sense of novelty and delight. The menus were redesigned to be more dynamic and visually stimulating, incorporating animations and interactive elements that provided users with a sense of agency and control over their experience.

Menu Design Prototype
Menu Design Prototype

Usability Testing

Usability Testig

User testing for Flourish in Michigan involved engaging with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners to gain a deep understanding of their specific needs and challenges during long, stressful shifts. Through these sessions, we identified several pain points, including physical fatigue, mental exhaustion, and the urgent need for spaces where they could relax, re-energize, and center themselves amidst their demanding work environments. The feedback highlighted the importance of incorporating seated experiences and guided breathing exercises into future iterations of Flourish. These features were seen as essential for providing quick and effective relief, allowing healthcare staff to decompress and regain focus without needing extensive time or space. This user-centric approach ensured that the product evolved to meet the real-world demands of its users, ultimately enhancing its efficacy and adoption in high-stress healthcare settings.


The outcomes of testing and prototyping Flourish were overwhelmingly positive, culminating in its release at Michigan Medicine. Following extensive user testing and iterative improvements based on feedback, the final product was designed to effectively address the needs of healthcare practitioners. Post-release evaluations revealed significant improvements in staff alertness and a notable reduction in stress levels.