North Point


Creating inclusive and community-centered health solutions through bio-experiential design.

I had the privilege of leading the studio's UX practice for a project with North Point Health and Wellness Center in Minneapolis. By promoting inclusive design methodologies and leading community design workshops, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system journey for an underserved community in Minneapolis.

We designed solutions for a children's center within the North Point Health Center alongside stakeholders and community members. Our approach incorporated bio-experiential design thinking to promote wellbeing and cater to the community's unique needs.


emotional granularity journey card exercise

As product design practice lead, I lead community workshops in Minneapolis, gaining profound insight into the community's unique needs. I partnered with Yale's CANDLab to develop a card exercise that mapped the emotional journey of community members. This process, along with creative design exercises, fostered innovation and gave us deep insights into the problems the community faced.

  • Conducted community-led design workshops over two days in Minneapolis.
  • Developed a card exercise in collaboration with research partners from Yale's CANDLab to elicit the emotional journey map of community members of all ages.
  • Engaged in creative design exercises, design studios, and creative probes.
  • Gained a deep understanding of the community and its unique needs.
  • Worked to build trust and create a lasting relationship with the community.


  • Implemented cross-disciplinary product development strategies to ensure alignment across teams and disciplines, facilitating seamless collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Leveraged comprehensive user insights gathered through community workshops and research activities to inform product development decisions, ensuring solutions were tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by North Point community members.
  • Utilized user-centered design methodologies to prioritize features and functionalities based on the identified pain points and preferences of the target audience, resulting in a product that resonated with end-users.
  • Employed iterative prototyping and testing techniques to validate design concepts and gather feedback from stakeholders and community members, refining the product iteratively to address evolving user needs.
  • Incorporated inclusive design principles to ensure the accessibility and usability of the product for diverse user groups within the North Point community, fostering inclusivity and equity in healthcare access.
  • Established a feedback loop between cross-disciplinary teams and community stakeholders, facilitating continuous learning and improvement throughout the product development process, ultimately leading to the delivery of a solution that effectively addressed the identified problems and met the needs of the community.